No matter how much you get done, a homeowner’s list can seem never-ending. As soon as you finish one project, another takes its place.

By the time you’ve checked everything off your list for spring, fall is right around the corner.

Before you know it, you’re scaling the ladder to put the Christmas lights back up and keeping your fingers crossed we don’t have another week-long freeze that will create a whole new list.

This time of year, though, the top concern for homeowners is their air conditioner. The sweltering heat of a Kansas City summer is survivable as long as your air conditioner does its job.

To give you a little peace of mind heading into the summer months, below are some helpful tips for taking care of your air conditioner.


Your cooling system has a lot of working parts. Putting off regular maintenance for your air conditioner and the subsequent cooling system components could cause greater damage later. We’re not talking a quick fix. It’s the kind of damage that gets expensive and makes things uncomfortable.


For most of us in the Kansas City area, our air conditioners sit on cement pads or the ground. If it’s in the air outside, then it likely gets into your house through the air conditioner. Between grass clippings and mud splash from the rain, your AC unit gets dirty. Cleaning the unit is a great way to make sure foreign substances don’t disrupt its operation.


Maintaining air filters may seem trivial, but it plays a critical role in the efficient operation of your cooling system. Removing foreign materials like dust, pollen, and pet hair from the air, prior to its circulation through your system, will help your equipment last longer. When things build up inside your system, they can hinder operation or cause the entire system to break down. We recommend replacing filters every three months at minimum.


From dead skin cells to Barbie shoes and Legos, your ducts get dirty. There is no real way to prevent it. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends cleaning your ducts every 3-5 years. However, if you have done a home improvement project that involved saw dust or sheet rock dust, it’s a good idea to clean your ducts afterwards. Check out our recent blog to learn more.

We know that keeping up with all the curveballs of homeownership isn’t easy, but we can help. Blue HVAC is family-owned and operated. That means we clean our dog Taxi’s hair and our two sons’ bouncy balls out of our ducts just like you. We know the struggle is real.

Because this is our family business, we’re invested in a job well done. We value our relationships and our community.

If you need a partner for your HVAC system, we’re here. Just give us a call at 816.719.1099