Everybody loves the idea of cranking up the air conditioning to stay cool during Ottawa’s hot summer weather…

…Until the hydro bill comes in.

Many of the air conditioners that Advanced HVAC installs are ENERGYSTAR certified. This means that they offer effective cooling at a low operating cost. Hydro bills can still come in with an amount that makes you sweat.

It doesn’t hurt to make some changes around your house that might help keep those expenses down!

Keeping Your Home Cool

Here are some energy-efficient ways to cool your home that will also keep your energy bill down.

Open Your Windows At Night

During the summer, the daytime temperatures can get very hot and we want to keep every door and window in the house closed.

Unless there is a heatwave, the temperatures at night are significantly cooler! Instead of running your air conditioner throughout the night, open your windows.

As the night goes on, the warm air will be replaced with cool air.

The next morning, you can close your windows and enjoy some of the cooler air that’s circulating around the house before feeling like you need to turn up the air conditioning.

Close Your Blinds

Another easy way to cool down your home is keeping blinds closed during the day. Windows are responsible for a lot of the unwanted heat that enters your home, through the greenhouse effect.

Keeping your blinds closed can lower the temperature inside your home. Light coloured blinds are also a better option during the summer since they are better at reflecting heat, rather than absorbing it.

Regularly Change Your Air Conditioning Filters

dirty air conditioner filter ready to be changedEven if you’re still using your air conditioner regularly, there are still some things you can do to improve it’s functioning. The air filter in your air conditioner can get dirty a lot quicker in the summer.

Dirty air filters not only produce poor air quality, but they impact the air circulation and air flow around your home. Resulting in you turning up the air conditioning and raising your hydro bill.

During higher use seasons, it’s recommended to change the filter every 4-6 weeks.

Do Your Chores At Night

Appliances such as your dishwasher, laundry machines and dryer, give off a substantial amount of heat when they are being used.

Using these appliances at night when the temperature is cooler will help compensate for the heat that they are emitting. Using them during the day will only add to the heat of the house.

Also, Hydro Ottawa’s low-peak time-of-use begins after 7pm, so this is another reason for you to save chores until the evening!

Curb Your Cooking

Same as appliances, by using your oven or stove top the heat in your home is going to rise.

If you have an outdoor barbecue or grill, try cooking your meals on that so the heat stays outside your home. Most dishes that require a stove top or oven can be done on a grill!

ceiling fan to keep house cool

If you are using the stove to cook, save it for the dinner meal when the temperature has dropped and the house is cooler. You should also make use of the fan so that the hot air is being pulled to the vent.

Ceiling Fan Rotation

Ceiling fans are an affordable addition to any room in the house and can help significantly with air flow and staying cool. In the summer set your fan to rotate counterclockwise to push air straight down.

Just make sure to turn the fan off when you are not in the room!

Advanced HVAC Air Conditioner Installation

Advanced HVAC specializes in air conditioner installation for the Ottawa area. Many of our air conditioners are ENERGYSTAR certified to ensure your house is being cooled in an energy-efficient way. Having a new central air conditioner installed will keep you cool no matter what room you are in.

Setting up an annual air conditioning check up with our crew will also ensure that your air conditioner is in proper wok condition.

Contact us for all your Ottawa HVAC needs!

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